Know Our Expertise With Company Setup & Incorporation In Dubai

With a long history of providing company incorporation services to international investors, our firm tries to provide comprehensive business registration and advising services to individuals looking to establish a company in Dubai.


UAE company formation services in Mainland

The mainland is a regional segregation that separates businesses into important jurisdictions. Obtaining a mainland license can be a time-consuming process that includes governmental processes and documents. We have the solution to all your requirements, whether it be business creation in Dubai Mainland or any other mainland jurisdiction.


UAE company formation services in Free Zones

We make it easy for you to register your business with our UAE company creation services in the free zone. Whether you need papers or want to know your shareholding possibilities throughout the company creation procedure in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE. You can trust Aristotle Tax Consultancy to advise you!

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UAE company formation in Offshore

Nonetheless, offshore UAE company incorporation is one of the quickest and easiest ways to incorporate a business. As a foreign entity looking to establish a business in the region, you will benefit from a number of advantages. If you only want to form a company and take advantage of the tax system and corporate secrecy, this is the option for you.

Our Company Incorporation Services In UAE Bring Value To Your Business

Aristotle Tax Consultancy assists you in navigating the intricacies of setting up a business in the UAE. Our expert staff has assisted many entrepreneurs and enterprises from across the world in establishing operations in Dubai.

  • Consultation and guidance on the legal and regulatory procedures for establishing a company in Dubai.
  • Assistance in determining the best legal structure for your organization, such as a free zone company or a mainland corporation.
  • All relevant legal paperwork, such as articles of association, memorandums of association, and other incorporation documents, must be prepared.
  • Assistance in obtaining required permissions and licenses, such as trade licenses, residency visas, and other government approvals
  • Assistance in creating bank accounts and obtaining other financial services
  • Guidance will be provided on an ongoing basis to guarantee compliance with UAE rules and legislation.
  • How We Help With Company Setup In Dubai?


  • Due diligence
  • Planning phase
  • Structuring the corporate
  • Document preparations
  • Incorporation

  • Company name registration
  • Clearances from Department of Economic Development (DED) & Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI)
  • Corporate bank account opening
  • Securing business premises
  • Trade licensing finalization
  • Post-incorporation

  • Taxations & compliance management
  • Audits and regulatory management
  • Documents for Business Setup Services in Dubai

    Company registration in Dubai necessitates the creation and submission of the following papers. The following papers aid the applicant's candidature in completing the process:

    Initial Approval

    Company Name Reservation Application Form for Initial Business Licence Approval

    A well-written business plan for the applicant company, as well as a copy of the existing registration certificate and trading license, if the company is already registered in Dubai.

    Audited financial reports for the applicant's corporate entity for the last two years Board resolution of the applicant firm

    Shareholders' Corporate Documents of the Applicant Company

    Recent coloured passport copies of the application company's shareholders, as well as its Directors and Managers, are required.

    Business Operations and Conduct Details Specimen or Digital Signatures of the application company's shareholders, as well as its designated Directors and Managers

    Certificate of No Objection from the Local Sponsor, if applicable

    Original and notarized RIC Form (Registry Identification Code) for Directors and Managers

    The applicant company's selected name

    RoC Entry stamp & Visa Page of the applicant

    Copy of the applicant company's personnel passports

    Company Formation

    Company Registration Application Form Share Capital Information

    For business registration, the applicant must notarize and testify to the following documents:

    Board Resolution for Appointing Directors and Managers in the proposed company's Memorandum of Association

    Power of attorney off the proposed company from the director or manager

    Passport-size photographs of all company’s management

    Our Assistance in setting up your Company in Dubai

    Our professionals offer complete business incorporation services in Dubai by aiding you in the following ways:

  • Document gathering & organization
  • Obtaining the requisite registration documents drafting the articles of association
  • Creating the articles of association
  • Filling out a business license application in Dubai
  • Obtaining and sending the applicant's company license
  • Opening a corporate business account for the newly formed corporation
  • We make certain that your business incorporation services in Dubai are always completed on time. Our personnel are well-versed in the complexities of the business registration and incorporation process in Dubai.

    Get started with the most reliable professionals in the industry of business formation in Dubai.

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    The answer totally depends on the type of business or company you want to establish. Have a look:

  • Most organizations in the UAE Free Zone may be formed without having to go to the country.
  • Each shareholder/director of a new UAE offshore firm must have visited the UAE at least once Mainland LLC All shareholders/directors must go to the UAE to sign the company's articles of association.
  • However, if the client signs a PoA (Power of Attorney), sovereign can be authorized to handle all parts of incorporation and signing on their behalf.

    Your business will leverage several advantages for company registration and incorporation in the UAE such as a diverse economy, well-established infrastructure. Safe & secure enterprise-friendly environment, 100% ownership, and a lot more. Moreover, the country also provides flexible tax regulations for starting a business in certain regions.

    Investors from other countries can establish businesses in the Dubai Mainland Area, which is distinct from the Free Zones. Free Zones are areas where doing business permits a foreign national to hold 100% of the company and claim full profit with provisions for capital spent.


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