Statutory Audit Compliances In Dubai

Tax compliance

Businesses must register and follow UAE VAT and corporate tax legislation.

Labor compliances

Employers must offer safe working conditions, obey minimum wage rules, and maintain valid employee contracts in order to comply with labor laws.

Adhere to governance

Companies must follow a set of corporate governance regulations, such as naming a board of directors, having annual shareholder meetings, and maintaining accurate financial records.

Anti-money laundering compliance

To avoid financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorism funding, businesses must have strict AML policies and processes.

Compliance with intellectual property rights

Businesses must follow the country's intellectual property laws, which protect trademarks, patents, and copyrights.

Why Do Businesses Need Statutory Audit Services In UAE?

Statutory audit services are provided in accordance with UAE norms, rules, and laws. Statutory audits guarantee that an organization's bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting comply with all applicable laws.

Being authentic

An auditor must analyze all account statements, financial reports, profit and loss statements, and other essential final account statements as part of the statutory audit process. This lends legitimacy to the company's financial health, increasing investor trust and public standing.

Boosts efficiency

A detailed examination of a company's financial records and accounting practices is required as part of the statutory audit process. As a consequence, accounting bottlenecks, financial misappropriations, and mistake points are detected and avoided, assisting firms and their management in achieving increased efficiency and productivity.

Productive operations

The statutory audit process provides employees and management with a better knowledge of the company's internal operations procedures and helps them to build on and improve the current internal management framework.

Fraud prevention

The statutory audit is critical for identifying and closing loopholes and incorrect accounting practices that might promote fraud, financial theft, or accounting mistakes. By closing such gaps, fraud and financial theft, as well as the chances to commit them, are removed.

How We Implement Statutory Audit Services In UAE?

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Process Of Statutory Audit Conduction

Audit Techniques and Procedures

During an audit, the auditor will use a variety of processes and techniques to gather sufficient evidence concerning the financial statements' correctness and completeness. Among these procedures are:

  • Financial Data Analysis
  • Accounting System and Control Testing
  • Examining Supplementary Documents

Evaluation of Internal Controls and Processes

During an audit, the auditor will use a variety of processes and techniques to gather sufficient evidence concerning the financial statements' correctness and completeness. Among these procedures are:

  • Examining the rules and processes of the firm
  • Internal control design and implementation evaluation
  • Putting their efficacy to the test

Testing The System & Detecting Fraud(s)

Any significant misstatements or fraud identified during the audit shall be reported to the audit committee and the supervision. The auditor examines the financial accounts for material misstatements and fraud. This includes the following:

  • Determining the chances of fraud
  • Examination of fraud indications
  • Examining transactions between linked parties

Requirements For Statutory Audit In Dubai

Maintaining financial records

Organizing financial data and papers is a critical step in preparing for a statutory audit. Companies must ensure that their books are up to date, as well as other relevant papers such as - invoices, bank statements, and receipts.

Interaction with auditor

During the preparation stage, it is critical to communicate with the auditor. Companies should supply the auditor with the necessary information and respond to any inquiries as soon as possible. It is also critical to develop clear communication routes to allow information exchange.

Recognizing Potential Audit Issues

Before performing an audit, companies should proactively identify possible audit concerns and areas of concern. This might entail assessing the completeness and correctness of financial documents. It guarantees adherence to applicable rules and regulations and assesses the effectiveness of internal controls.

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Profits will be taxed at 9%, the regular statutory rate. However, the tax rate on taxable gains up to AED 375,000 will be 0%. This measure is meant to support local small businesses and startups. The slab rates have not yet been decided. This is subject to change in the future. Having said that, the UAE corporation tax rate will begin as one of the world's most competitive.

As a corporate tax advisory professional in UAE, we can help you with the following solutions:

  • Implications of proposed corporate tax reform as seen via UAE Corporate Tax Audit
  • Filing of UAE Corporate Tax Return
  • Possibility of Tax Disputes Company
  • Payments of Corporate Tax
  • Refund of Corporate Tax
  • The corporation tax is levied on foreign persons and organizations that conduct regular business in the UAE.


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