How To Start A Business In Dubai With Our UAE Market Entry Strategy

You must have a winning strategy in order to enter the UAE's numerous marketplaces . Let's have a look at our proven UAE market entry strategy:


Customized Business Plan

Depending on the sector of the economy and the industry you wish to enter, our customized business plan will focus on your company's aims and expectations to get it established successfully in the next five years.


Productive Market Research

Our experts assess the feasibility and viability of your company and analyze market competition. As a result, while acquiring the available acquisition channels, customize and revamp your offering in accordance with the study.


Adoptions Of UAE Laws & Regulation

Knowing the existing trading norms and regulations is one of the most important aspects of the UAE market entry plan. We are well aware of these and will assist you in completing all of the necessary paperwork to get started.

Helping You Establish The Right Business Structure In UAE

Aristotle Tax Consultancy LLC has a team of incorporation experts in the UAE. Here are the business drivers through which our UAE market entry strategy is built around:

Representative/Branch Office

Opening a representative office or branch office in the UAE will assist you in carrying out your commercial operations in the country. Only specific activities, such as marketing, advertising, and branding, are permitted at such offices.

Business/Corporate Licensing

The most popular approach used by overseas enterprises to enter the UAE market is business licensing. Obtaining one is a time-consuming and complicated process, but we can help you get one quickly.

Local Partnerships

Another option for entering the UAE market is to collaborate with a local company. Our extensive network can assist you in collaborating with a local partner to gain a deeper grasp of the market economy, client expectations, current market trends, and policies.

Business Franchising

International companies are also extending franchisees to local firms in the UAE in order to obtain global expansion. A franchise agreement has been established into the UAE market for this purpose. It's not a big deal for your company to get it done.

Distribution Model

Another UAE market entry method is to collaborate with local distributors or vendors. We can assist you in locating and hiring distributors, suppliers, wholesalers, online sellers, and retailers to advertise your products.

Advantages Of Business Registration In Business

Business-friendly Regulatory

In order to launch a business in Dubai, the government has quickly accepted technology. The company registration process is simple and may be finished in a few days. There is minimal paperwork, and the procedures are simple to follow.

100% Foreign Ownership

In 2021, the UAE Commercial Companies Law will allow foreign investors to own 100% of their firms in the UAE. This provides for more than half of Dubai's overall economic activity to take place without affecting business ownerships.

Availability Of 30+ Free Zones

Dubai has around 30 Free Zones where entrepreneurs and investors can set up shop and own 100% of the company. It also provides the investor with the possibility to collaborate with other players in the same industry.

Multiple Tax Benefits

One of the primary advantages of incorporating in Dubai is that a business can leverage less taxations in comparison to other regions. However, according to the latest news, there will be incorporation of 9℅ corporate tax if companies exceed taxable income over AED 375000.

Strategic Geographic location

Dubai is strategically located at a crossroads that connects the north, south, east, and west. It is one of the world's largest re-export centers, with the most active and busiest airports and seaports, as well as the most efficient logistics infrastructures.

Developed Infrastructure

Dubai is one of the most developed cities in Central Asia, with one of the best infrastructures in the world. Its infrastructure is constantly growing and provides great public transport, telecommunication, terminals, and other services.

Comparison B/W Freezone vs Mainlands vs Offshore

Freezone Mainland Offshore
Setup Cost Medium High Low
Authorities Don’t require clearance from authorities outside freezone Clearance required from Department of Economic Development (DED), the Ministry of Labor (MIL), the Dubai Municipality, and the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) Clearances are overseen by the free zone authorities in that jurisdiction.
Workspace Can work virtually (without a workspace) Must have a work space with at least 200 square feet of space. Not permitted to have any physical workspaces in the country.
Capital Needed Minimum Varies depending on the legal structure of the organization. No minimum capital needed
Scope Of Business No business activity outside freezone Free to conduct business anywhere in country Business outside country is permitted, inside country is constrained

What Makes Us Your UAE Market Strategy Partner?

To ensure the achievement of your vision, we have always prioritized value generation and long-term change. We are always working together to ensure that your strategies work well along the process.

Believes In Analytical Approach

Deep analysis yields insights into your company's performance, customers, and markets, allowing you to synthesize, prioritize, and quantify prospects while validating strategy creation.

Balancing Innovation & Business

Using data, technology, and innovation to create execution-focused strategies that allow you to respond quickly and improve corporate success.

Results Driven

EWith an emphasis on safeguarding, unlocking, and generating value through solutions that can provide a clear return on investment through long-term EBITDA growth to fund long-term revolutionary change.

Omnipotent Solutions

Collaborative techniques generate consensus and unify people around a common approach by focusing on varied thinking to question norms and expedite ideation and solution development.

Let’s make your business idea a success in the UAE with our end-to-end solutions.

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