Helping Businesses With Professional Internal Audit Services

FCo-sourcing Internal Auditing

We collaborate with your internal team to create an efficient internal audit program. Our Internal Audit Co-sourcing solution ensures that your internal team completes the audit on time and follows global best practices.

Internal Audit Services Outsourced

Our Outsourced Internal Audit Services in Dubai, UAE allow you to concentrate on your primary responsibilities. Our skilled internal auditors conduct risk-based audits, document their findings, and deliver an audit report that includes their recommendations.

Internal Control Framework Improvement

Our Internal Audit Services in UAE involve gathering information about your company and industry. We design a complete Internal Control Framework for each process to ensure operational efficiency.

Internal Audit Department Review

Our Internal Auditors examine the company-owned Internal Audit Department's methods, operations, and performance. We assess our procedures and techniques to see if they are in line with the department's aims and objectives.

Internal audit consulting

Internal audit advisory engagements are assignments to assist businesses with internal audit services that are not covered by one of the other solution categories indicated. Services in this category might include general consulting counsel or training.

Internal Auditing Training

Internal auditing is a constantly evolving field, with new tools, methods, and technological support being produced regularly. Our Trainers assist your Internal Audit employees in retraining, obtaining continuing professional education, and learning new and enhanced methods of the field.

Benefits Of Internal Audit Services In Dubai

We have a thorough awareness of hazards and operational improvement opportunities. As a result, we can assist internal audit units in improving their performance and operational efficiency, as well as adding value to their businesses.

Provides Great Industry Practices

Our independent auditors have a better understanding of challenges, whether they are industry-specific or generic. Because we have worked for years serving various businesses, we have an edge in identifying and managing difficulties.

Examines Risk Management Process

Internal audits identify important hazards and make risk-mitigation recommendations. They assess the company's risk management systems and ensure that they are in excellent functioning condition.

Evaluates Process Optimization

Hiring one of the internal audit firms in Dubai gives a more accurate appraisal of the company's operations. This enables the presentation of fresh ideas to improve operational performance, strengthen internal controls, and reduce risk.

Provide Useful Insights

When an internal party conducts audits, a conflict of interest may arise. It is preferable in such cases to employ an audit company to perform an internal audit. As a result, we can provide you with an unbiased assessment of how various business activities work.

Complying To Regulations

An independent internal auditor evaluates a company's organizational processes on behalf of its clients and should be well-versed in the country's norms and regulations.

Flexible administration

An internal audit ensures that the organization is managed more effectively. The internal auditor can identify weaknesses in the company's operations or internal controls. These insights assist management in increasing their chances of meeting their objectives.

Our Seamless Process For Internal Audits


Analysis & planning

We identify our services' major objectives and scope in the first phase of the internal audit method. We go through essential information such as laws, regulations, corporate policies, industry standards, processes, and so on as part of the planning process.


Review & documentation

This is the stage at which our audit team performs the internal audit. During this step, we interview employees from certain business units. This is to ensure that we understand your procedures and controls completely.


Creating reports

We make every effort to generate comprehensive reports that incorporate information clearly and concisely. The internal audit report also includes recommendations that are realistic, actionable, and contribute to growth.


Following up on the process

The follow-up is critical since it informs us whether the audit report's recommendations have been executed. According to the findings, the follow-up helps us to understand the company's governance on various deployments.

Why Choose Aristotle Tax Consultancy ?

Focused on improving efficiency

Internal auditing at a business establishment analyzes and reviews the company's business plans and processes on a regular basis. The thorough and exact review assists the firm in mitigating risks. This improves overall operational efficiency.

Maintaining trust & confidentiality

We focus on our clients' confidence and confidentiality as the top internal audit businesses in the UAE. Rest assured that any information supplied by us during the auditing process will be treated with the utmost secrecy and professionalism.

Compliance to rules

Internal auditing performed in a proactive and methodical manner assists the business in adhering to official regulations and formalities. Internal auditing prepares a business to execute an external audit.

Extensive knowledge

Our team of Certified Internal Auditors in Dubai has extensive experience and skills in the sector, allowing us to provide accurate and thorough audits. We remain current on industry norms and laws.

Hire our internal audit experts in UAE and make your business more organized to follow predefined rules and regulations.

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