How Aristotle Tax Consultancy Does Forensic Audits?

Aristotle Tax Consultancy conducts forensic audits in a rigorous and tailored manner. First, we detect the fraud and collect evidence against the perpetrator in order to assess the affected business elements and financial losses caused by the crime.


Recognizing the evidence

Our forensic audit services will uncover both the cause and the perpetrator of the fraud. Our creative and rigorous forensic audit methodologies will provide the necessary proof to begin legal actions against the perpetrator.


Detecting faults and conflicts

Our forensic audit services will reveal long-standing malpractices and fraud in your firm. Following identification, we will recommend corrective and damage-control actions.


Taking security measures

Our forensic audit services in UAE ensure to highlight the pain points, minimize the challenges, enhance security measures, and prepare assessments to tackle fraudulent activities.


Improving your credibility

There is little risk of fraud occurring if we inspect your business processes regularly. These safeguards will reassure investors that your company is dependable, secure, and worth investing in.

Knowing The Frauds For Conducting Forensic Audit

Aristotle Tax Consultancy conducts forensic audits in a rigorous and tailored manner. First, we detect the fraud and collect evidence against the perpetrator in order to assess the affected business elements and financial losses caused by the crime.

Cash Theft

Cash theft is one of the most prevalent types of fraud. Culprits typically misappropriate tiny sums frequently to avoid drawing everyone's attention. However, because few individuals have access to cash, it is simple for investigative organizations to identify the fraud and perpetrators.


This type of fraud happens when a person utilizes its influence over a situation to benefit certain persons or entities in exchange for monetary gain. As a result, during a forensic audit, we may need to regard the 'unfortunate decision-making' as deliberate and evaluate the bodies affected by it.


A situation may arise in which a firm employee seeks monetary compensation from a third party to win the lawsuit.

Inventory Fraud

We have discovered instances of inventory fraud when a client has large stocks. When there is no relevant data, it is difficult to detect fraud. We conduct interviews, utilize professional judgment, and employ forensic auditing technologies.


Our auditors have dealt with several corruption schemes, three of which are highlighted here. They can occur regardless of company size, thus a corporation must routinely audit its business procedures to avoid fraud.

Assets Misuse

Employees who misappropriate business funds for personal gain are likewise committing fraud. A corporation can solve this issue by improving personnel and asset governance.

Why Aristotle Tax Consultancy For Forensic Audit Services In UAE?

Advanced techniques & technology

Our staff employs some of the most advanced technology and processes, allowing them to analyze every aspect and produce the most precise findings. Our investigators have never overlooked any fraud, misbehavior, or control flaw!

Specialized staff

We have a highly skilled team of auditors, accountants, fraud detectives, forensic examiners, CPAs, and other professionals with considerable expertise and knowledge, which results in a superior conclusion.

Consistent assistance & support

We are always here to help, offering our loyal customers unending support and forensic knowledge. Our staff will give continuing help, advice, and direction to ensure that your business functions effectively and without concern in the foreseeable future.

Quality monitoring

Our forensic audit team will assist you in keeping a tight eye on your staff, monitoring their actions, and keeping a careful eye on your company's operations. This will allow you to assess hazards to your company's success and act quickly.

Committed to privacy

It might be intimidating to provide your company's secret and private financial information to a specialist. This is why we employ private servers and adhere to the industry's finest data security policies. The client's privacy is treated with the highest care.

Flexible pricing

Aristotle Tax Consultancy always provides flexibility with the pricing models while offering quality solutions through forensic audits. You just need to share your problems and requirements then our experts will give the best quotation.

Our Procedure Of Forensic Audit Services

Information gathering & analysis

We write a thorough analysis report to provide a solid foundation for additional studies based on our findings. This exercise also aids in the refinement of the initial idea and the investigation of fraudulent conduct.

Debriefing the facts

SWhen you contact us about a forensic audit, our first responsibility is to examine the scenario and identify any anomalous events (based on the data and first discussion). We mark the fraud indications to assist us in progress.

Preparing investigation plan

Following a preliminary evaluation, we outline the forensic investigation's goals. Then we devise a plan for conducting the study. It includes recognizing frauds, analyzing evidence, highlighting crucial facts, and preparing assessments.

Conducting background investigations

We concentrate on certain sections of your organization based on the facts and suspicions of the case. We undertake due diligence and background investigations on individuals, paying close attention to indicators that signal anomalous or fraudulent behavior.

Preparing & submitting audit reports

We deliver the report to the customer that serves the aim of the forensic audit. We give a summary of evidence detailing the financial effect and losses sustained as a result of the fraud.

Keep your business away from fraud by deploying our Forensic Audit services in UAE with dedicated outcomes.

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