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Aristotle Tax Consultancy: Your Leading VAT Consultants in Dubai. Looking for expert guidance and seamless VAT compliance in the UAE? Trust our experienced team to handle all your VAT-related needs, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and peace of mind! Our comprehensive strategy promotes long-term company success while applying cutting-edge technology to handle any concerns related to VAT advisory and compliances.

VAT Advisory Services

We provide appropriate advice services to the sector in order to develop optimal solutions. As your adviser, we may give VAT advice on the transactions and guide you on the taxability and impact of the transactions.

VAT Return Filing Services

We assist businesses in the UAE in submitting the VAT Return Form 201. Based on the information, all essential instructions to reconcile input and output VAT and the computation of tax liabilities will be examined to ensure compliance with the VAT Law and regulations.

VAT Audit Review

Tax audit is an impartial review of a tax registrant's books of accounts and different tax records by appropriate authorities in order to guarantee correct compliance with tax legislation and to discourage illegal tax practices in the economy.

VAT Registration and Deregistration

In case you are desirous to take voluntary registration under UAE VAT or required to compulsorily register, Aristotle Tax Consultancy helps you. Deregistration of VAT might be costly for your company if the application is not submitted on time. We can help your company apply for the cancellation of its tax registration number and guarantee that the entire procedure goes successfully.

VAT Training

We have skilled individuals on staff who are well-versed in UAE law and processes and can teach and equip you on a variety of VAT topics. Our tax professionals have professional expertise in a variety of sectors from numerous nations, as well as worldwide experience.

VAT Advisory

VAT advisory services involve advising your company on specific sector transactions. Our experts are up to date on the latest developments and will be able to advise and guide you on VAT transaction issues.

Latest VAT Regulations For Businesses In Dubai

Registering for VAT

If a company's taxable supply, taxable expenses and imports surpass the statutory registration level of AED 375,000, it must register for VAT. Furthermore, if a company's supply and imports are less than the statutory registration barrier but above the optional registration threshold of AED 187,500, it may choose to register for VAT voluntarily.

VAT-registered Businesses

If you are a VAT-registered firm, you must disclose to the government on a regular basis the amount of VAT you have charged and the amount of VAT you have paid to suppliers. You must pay the difference to the government if you charged more VAT than you paid or apply for VAT refund if vice-versa.

VAT-related responsibilities of businesses

All UAE enterprises must record their financial transactions and verify the correctness of their financial records. Businesses that satisfy the minimum yearly turnover criteria (as proven by their financial records) must register for VAT; otherwise, they must save their financial records for future VAT registration.

VAT In Real Estate

The VAT taxation of real estate differs depending on whether it is commercial or residential. Commercial property supplies (including sales or leases) are taxed at the regular VAT rate (5%). However, deliveries of residential properties are normally excluded from VAT.

VAT Input recovery

When a VAT registered business incurs input tax on business expenditures, the VAT can be recovered in full if the input tax is related to a taxable supply made or proposed to be made by the registered person. In contrast, if the cost is for a non-taxable item (such as exempt supplies), the registered person cannot recoup the input tax paid.


Zero-rated Sectors

VAT will be charged at 0% in respect of the following main categories of supplies:

Exports of products and services to countries other than the GCC

International shipping and related supplies

Supplies of specific modes of sea, air, and land transportation (such as aircrafts and ships)

Certain investment-grade precious metals (for example, gold and silver of 99% purity)

Newly built residential units that are delivered for the first time within three years after being built

Provision of specific educational services, as well as provision of essential goods and services

Provision of specific healthcare services, as well as provision of associated goods and services


VAT- exempt Sectors

The following categories of supplies will be exempt from VAT:

The supply of some financial services (clarified in VAT legislation)

Residential properties

Bare land

Local passenger transport

VAT Registration In Dubai

There is a provision for online application for VAT registration, however businesses can seek us out for effective VAT advisory services with correct process execution.

Documents required for the VAT registration:

  • Business address & contact details
  • Copy of trade license
  • Passport copies of the company founders and co-founders
  • Customs registration details (if applicable)
  • Copy of founders’/co-founders’ Emirates ID
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the business & Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Signatories of emirates ID, passport and other authorized documents
  • Bank account details
  • Nature of business & activities performed
  • Monthly statement of income from 2017 to current date as per FTA format
  • Expected turnover in next 30 days
  • Aristotle Tax Consultancy have in-depth understanding of UAE’s tax regulations and compliances. To ensure smooth transactions, we’re always with you!

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    Input tax is the VAT that a firm pays to suppliers for all business-related items, machinery, and expenditures.

    Output tax is the VAT that a VAT-registered business in the UAE levies on goods and services that it offers to consumers or clients. A company levies output tax on each taxable sale, which it then collects.

    Consultation may be subject to a VAT rate of 5% or 0% if provided within the VAT range. Only by studying the conditions of the activity can the tax rate for consultant services be determined.

    VAT, being a broad consumption tax, touches the majority of goods and services transactions, unless specifically excluded or excused by legislation.

    Aristotle Tax Consultancy, being a full-service accounting and legal advising business, is well-equipped to help you meet your tax responsibilities in the UAE. To assist you in navigating the complexity of VAT regulation, we provide continuing compliance and advice services. Our professionals can assist you in understanding and navigating the UAE's corporate tax framework and VAT landscape.


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